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The Archer Historical Society Presents The Annual Yulee Railroad Day’s Celebration.

The Archer Historical Society’s newly developed plan for the Yulee Railroad Day’s Celebration, is to coordinate concurrent linear events in all of the towns along the original Florida Railroad’s right-of-way, connected by runs, relays, parades etc. Initially it is planned to extend accross all of Alachua County celebrating the 150th anniversary of Yulee’s visionary railroad which was chartered in 1853 and crossed Florida in the next 6 years. The event is expected to grow each year, with new events and locations being added until the event extends accross the state, coast to coast, from Fernandina Beach to Cedar Key Florida. We will be having a 150 year anniversary every year for the next 8 years until we mark the date 150 years after it was completed at Cedar Key.

  • History

    The Archer Historical Society was chartered on August 18, 1977 with seventy-four Charter Members. Prior to 1850, a town called Deer Hammock was established where the town of Archer is today. In 1858 The Florida Town Improvement Company, owned by the Florida Railroad Company, laid out a town here and named it Archer after General James T. Archer Florida's first Secretary of State (1845-49). The first trains stopped in Archer in 1859. The first human occupants in the area were Paleo Indians, who made camps near Archer approximately ten thousand years ago. The only evidence left of these early people are spearheads, scrapers and other stone tools.

  • Mission

    The purpose of the organization is to preserve and protect those artifacts and structures peculiar to our heritage, to allow our progeny the privilege of enjoying those things upon which our nation, our state, and our community were founded. Also to provide the community of Archer with an organization for young and old alike, with a common goal, thereby promoting unity, friendship and understanding among the citizens of our town.

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    16994 SW 134th Ave, Archer, FL 32618, United States
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    2.6 million
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    807,000 sq ft (75,000 m2) in 94 galleries
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    1,124,759 (2021)
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