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True to its moto « A new perspective on art », the MUDIA positions itself as a museum attraction.  Its priority: to have fun in a museum ! More than 300 original and international works of art, from Gothic and Renaissance times to contemporary art offer a unique vantage point over the great history of the arts. Véronèse, Brueghel, Rodin, Spilliaert, Wouters, Picasso, Modigliani, Giacometti, Magritte, Hergé, Franquin, Geluck, etc.

Paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, cartoons, films, digital and interactive games, fun activities, quizzes, challenges, strange, curious and fascinating stories, everything is in place for the visitor to experience a unique moment, a true artistic and fun immersion.

On top of the numerous activities and attractions in each room, the Mudia presents the visitors with an audioguide (in 4 languages) especially conceived for the young public in the form of a dialogue between a guide and the museum’s mascot, miss Mudia.  The little girl boldly asks all the questions that visitors would not dare ask and the guide answers in a simple and straightforward language.   At the MUDIA, everything is in place for an artistic and fun immersion for all.

A man and his dream :
art for all

«Museums are boring ! »

Based on this statement, the founder of Mudia began dreaming.  “What if I created a museum where one could have fun, play, laugh, touch, a museum where everybody would get simple access codes to enter the great flow of art history?” A team knowledgeable in the world of art but also in the world of business, enthusiastically joined the adventure.  Supported by art lovers who agreed to lend some of their prized possessions and by a volunteer committee and precious collaborators, this dream has today become a reality.  Adults and children alike have fun with art and artists at the MUDIA.  A new didactic art attraction is born !

The vicar’s house gets a facelift !

« Once upon a time, there was a small vicarage in a little village…”

Redu became the famous “book village” and the vicarage became a soap manufacture. The MUDIA fell in love with this house, slightly out of fashion but ripe with possibilities.  La Grange, a local architectural workshop, rose to the challenge of transforming the building into a museum with its security and hygrometry imperatives, with the audacity to mix old and new, with the firm desire to ally the latest technologies with visual attractivity.  A succes!

Se restaurer
au mudia

A gourmet is your host

At the Mudia Café, you will be able to rest from your visit while enjoying carefully selected specialties from our gastronome.  Relax in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The walls are covered with art books you can read. Prolong your experience with enchanting and restful reading.  Large outdoor terrace with superb view!.

High quality snacks and menu of the day.

Opening times : Wednesday to Sunday from  10 to 18

La carte
Le menu du mois

After your visit

At the Mudia shop, numerous books and other art gifts for the young will allow all to deepen the day’s discoveries.

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